New Guitar on the way from Boom Guitars!

February 24th, 2019 

Boom Custom Guitars is completing the final steps on “Muttley”, my signature guitar build. I’m incredibly excited to play this amazing guitar. Derrick Boom and I have been friends and shipmates since our submarine days back in Pearl Harbor, HI. Derrick is a Nuclear Engineer and one of the smartest people I know. He took up making guitars a few years ago as a hobby and has made some incredible pieces. This is his first attempt at making an acoustic guitar. We’ve talked for hours about this build and he somehow managed to translate my ramblings into a coherent plan for what I would want in a perfect (for me) guitar. Smaler OM scale, 2 inch wide neck, custom inlays on the headstock and neck that harken back to my days navigating a submarine. This guitar is more than just wood and steel, this guitar represents a true friendship, a brotherhood, a singular instrument meant to do one thing. I can assure you that I will pour all of my soul into playing this guitar. I hope that you will hear it.

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